It’s national hype week.

The New York Times features a half page article, complete with neat illustration, about the Oscar nominations. National Public Radio makes it a headline: "The nominations will be announced tomorrow." This is news?

Same day, the Times also features not one but two food articles about what to serve while watching the big game. Add to that an insightful article about roman numerals and what will happen to the NFL when it’s time for Super Bowl LXXXVIII.

And we’re all jealous.

We’re all jealous that we’re not the focus of hype week. If I could just get on Letterman, the Today Show (not Oprah, she’s too mean), the front page of the Times, the radio, the local news… all on the same day… if I could just do that, then our marketing problems would disappear.


But in order for there to be a long tail, there needs to be a short head. And last time I checked, the line for tickets to the short head was closed.

Better, I think, to empower your fans and do an end around than to sit around waiting for Degeneres to call…