Fashion is all about shared attention and the converstations it provokes.

Erin Crowe caught a fashion wave when TV noticed her Alan Greenspan portraits. She sold the last one on Ebay for a bazillion dollars (for charity) and along the way sold enough other paintings to make Alex Tew look like the owner of a lemonade stand.

The really interesting part is this:

Link: eBay – greenspan, greenspan Art, Paintings, Prints items on

Apparently, anyone with a crayon is now busy selling Greenspan paintings. At least they’re better looking than grilled cheese sandwiches with the Virgin Mary embedded.

Yes, this is a picture of a Mr. Potato-head of Mr. Greenspud. You too can bid for it online.

The other interesting thing: how much inside baseball talk I can put into just one blog post. Explained:

"fashion" and "conversation" are riffs from books like Unleashing the Ideavirus and The Cluetrain Manifesto.

Alex Tew is the guy who did the Million Dollar Homepage.

The grilled cheese on eBay reference comes from a woman who sold a years-old grilled cheese sandwich on eBay last year. For more than $20,000. She said it looked like the Virgin Mary.

And "inside baseball" is an expression for jargon and shorthand that leaves outsiders clueless.