Brown is the new black

The bakery industry has been reeling since Atkins took a whack out of white bread.

The savior, it seems, is the new focus on whole grains. It’s pretty clear that white flour is akin to candy, while true whole wheat (or other grain) bread is actually pretty good for you.

In the rush to make a product that kids and others will find palatable, the bakery industry is falling over itself to lie and weasel their way in. Today at the supermarket I saw "whole grain" bread that had white flour as its main ingredient. Whole wheat english muffins that were less than half whole wheat. My favorite was a loaf of white bread that was actually colored brown with molasses and caramel color. "Hey, it’s not against the law," they say, or, "hey, it’s what people want…"

Actually, that’s not true. What people want is not being tricked. Seduced, but not tricked.