Different kinds of broken

but the same cause.

The first picture is of the conference room schedule at the Venetian Hotel. Microsoft booked a whole bunch of breakout rooms, so of course, someone followed policy and entered them all into the computer. This creates many many screens showing the same thing again and again. The person who typed in the list was following instructions. Missing was any judgment, anyone saying, "Why don’t we either put a different description for each breakout, or not bother listing them at all?"

The second picture is of a sign at JFK. It’s right next to the one and only electrical outlet. Apparently, people plug in their laptops and lean against the phone booth to use them.

Instead of going to all the trouble to make a permanent metal sign ("do not sit on ledge"), why didn’t someone put a chair there? Or requisition some more electrical outlets? Or build a stronger ledge? By "solving" the problem by telling people not to do the convenient thing, they haven’t helped the airport or the traveler. Of course, that’s not the signmaker’s problem. Someone is asssigning tasks instead of solving problems.