Do you trust marketers?

Do you trust eBay?
Of course, eBay isn’t one organism… it is a collection of millions of people, some not so nice.

Do a search to buy an LCD monitor. You’ll find thousands of them. So sort by price. Wow, here are a whole bunch for $20, Buy it Now. Wow. Then you look and see that it’s not really a monitor, it’s a list of LCD wholesalers. $20 for a few sheets of paper. Who needs that? And there are more than a few people selling this list. Why?

Okay, let’s try a different category. Here’s one, 19 inches, new in the box, a Dell, only $50 Buy it Now. Wow! Wait, the shipping is $230…

It took me years to realize why people looked at me funny when I told them I was a marketer.

They don’t like us or trust us. No surprise, really.