So, the middle-aged American tourist standing next to me at the breakfast buffet asked me what I had just been handed by the lovely cook on the line. "This is a handmade corn tortilla with huitlacoche on it," I said, eagerly anticipating digging into it. "You should try some."

Huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on corn. It’s a delicacy, and quite good. The buffet was free, part of her trip. The portion was small. She could try one by investing about six seconds of her time.

Wanna guess what she decided to do?

There’s no way in the world she could know whether or not she would like it. Zero previous experience. No danger. No cost.

But she was seeing Mexico from a bus.

She doesn’t read your blog, either.

What’s interesting, though, is that in the last few years, she is finding herself on the internets. In fact, that’s probably how she booked her trip. Stuff happens. It just takes a while, sometimes. Pass the fungus.