“Hey, let’s go to Budapest!”

Exporte_02This phone booth sign so clearly captures the new divide between old and new marketers that I couldn’t resist.

Delta, an airline teetering a knife’s edge from insolvency, just added service to Hungary. So, naturally, they need to alert people and get them to fly there.

"I know!" says the old-school marketer. "Lets copy the format of Continental’s wordplay ads and buy thousands of dollars worth of ads. Maybe we’ll run into someone about to fly to Hungary who doesn’t have a travel agent or use an online travel service–we’ll get them at just the right moment and make a fortune."

Why not spend the money on the plane?

Why not change the service itself, change it in some way that the community of travelers to Budapest will talk among themselves about how Delta is the very best way to fly there. Maybe even the bloggers and the travel editors will talk about it too.

Just because this ad is purple doesn’t mean it’s a Purple Cow. It’s precisely the opposite, in fact. PS, what does "fly to pest" mean? [answer: Espen points out that ‘Pest’ is the city across the river from Buda, sort of like St. Paul is to Minneapolis. Thanks. But why put the cities in lowercase?]