Here’s a great Walt Disney phrase, new to me, which is similar to edgecraft.


Taking your work a little farther. Going closer to an edge, whichever edge.

Is there anything you can’t plus? Anything you can’t make simpler, more luxurious, cheaper, more extreme? Anything you can’t make more remarkable?

The trade off, of course, is in the time and money it takes.

But not really. I was tricking you. The trade off is in the perceived risk it takes. Pushing your team a little harder in one direction means you’re going away from the center, abandoning "everyone" to really appeal to "someone". And that’s the secret of edgecrafting. Plussing yourself all the way to the edge, whatever that edge is.

See The Ward-O-Matic: Ava Thursday: Plussing Faces, via Mark at boingboing.