Six of one…


John Cronin writes: I thought you would get a kick out of this.  I was in the Detroit airport
today flying US Air and they had two signs at the entrance.  "If you are
going to Phoenix or Las Vegas check in HERE at Line A".  Second sign said

"If you are going to Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, or
Washington check in HERE at Line A".  Below this text is said if you
are going to any other destination go to Line B.

They gave you two choices, both said Line A.  Now there are many
people going to destinations other than what they listed.  Luckily I
was going to DC and could figure it out, but I sat back and watched and
people were walking around looking for Line B.  There is no line B.
People either gave up and got into one of the lines or walked around
the line to interrupt someone who had waited in line which line they
belonged in.