The regular kind

I’m told that in Ethiopia, even the littlest kids eat Ethiopian food.

Hard to tell if you’ve ever tried to feed a six-year-old. All she wants is the regular kind. "Why is this bread brown? I want the regular kind!"

Take a walk through Boca Raton, Florida, and you’ll see countless retired folks, all driving the regular kind of car.

And the ketchup aisle of your grocery store sells plenty of Heinz, thanks very much.

There’s a huge demand for the regular kind in industry as well. The regular kind of bizdev deal and the regular kind of ad buy. The regular kind of accounting treatment and of course, the regular annual conference.

It’s not surprising that people in search of stability demand what they’re used to. It is surprising that those in search of growth or value or even just delight are so quick to abandon that search on settle for regular whenever there is stress in their environment.