Fresh Fish Here

My health club has a huge sign designed to go by the heavily traveled railroad tracks next to my office.

"Exclusive Charter Memberships Available."

Well, of course they’re not that exclusive, given that they’re on a billboard.
And does it matter that they’re ‘charter’?
Of course they’re memberships. All health clubs have memberships.
Which leaves, ‘available’, and the fact that they’ve got a sign pretty much makes that clear.

It’s like the apocryphal story about the fish store. "Well, of course the fish is fresh. You’re not going to sell me old fish, are you?" and "Of course it’s ‘here’. Where else would you be selling the fish?" and finally, "We know it’s fish. We can smell it!"

The worst thing you can do is be boring and vague.
The second worst thing you can do is be boring and verbose and obvious.

The first goal of copy is to get you to read more copy.
The second goal is to tell a story that spreads.
And then, finally, to have that story get people to take action.