Guess the airline

Performance statistics as measured by the department of transportation. (DOT):

America’s Most On-Time Airline 27 Consecutive Months Running
America’s Fewest Cancellations in 2005
America’s Best Baggage Handling in 2005
America’s Third Fewest Oversales in 2005
Other remarkable facts
Free, hot and delicious food in coach on all trans-pacific flights. They even give you the whole can of soda.
Over 76 years of continuous operation without a fatal accident.

Some of the highest paid (and friendliest) in the industry
At least one more flight attendant per flight than some competitors
Average fleet age is about 5 years old, one of the youngest fleets in the nation.
Fares are usually the lowest in the market or at least a very close second.

And last but not least!… One of only three airlines in the nation to actually make a profit last year.

So how come we don’t talk about this airline the way we do about the other two profitable ones?

I have two and a half theories. The half theory is that Hawaii is really far away from most of us. Also:
You’re on vacation when you fly Hawaii Airlines, so your expectations are greater.
A lot of people who fly with them rarely do it again, because Hawaii is a rare trip, so it’s harder to incubate the word of mouth.

I hope they start flying NY to Orlando! With free leis and everything.