Okay, it’s true. In every category, in every profession, half the people are below average.

This matters to marketers.

It matters because if you expect your customers to be smarter than average, you’ve just lost half the potential market. It matters because if succeeding in a project requires exceptional effort, you better realize that not just any team member is going to make it work–actually less than half of the pool might.

Same with the consultants, designers and yes, lawyers that you hire.

Mass marketing works best when it assumes that everybody in the entire chain is just plain average. Or even a little bit less. Sorry to lower your expectations.

Niche marketing, on the other hand, can thrive if it starts with the assumption that average products by average people for average people is just not your thing. Remember, though, that your sales expectations have to be in line with your niche mantra. Be picky. Make great stuff. Work with amazing people. Just don’t expect everyone to love what you do.