Megan needs a summer intern

For the first time ever, Craig’s List didn’t come up with what we needed. So here, at the last minute, is a neat educational opportunity for the right student.

Megan Casey, editor in chief at Squidoo, asked me to post this notice about a summer internship. Small stipend, plus bonus possible at end of summer.

1. need someone in our office a few days a week. work from home some days is okay. hours pretty flexible.
2. office on the hudson river, 45 minutes from Grand Central in NYC. we pay transportation.
3. report to editor-in-chief. sample projects: new feature testing, pick shortlists for lens of the day selection, make prototypes for partners, research passionate communities, jump up and down in forums, day-to-day maintenance of the site, learn new hula hoop tricks, research lensmaking trends…
4. you can basically set your own role depending on how hard you work and what you’re good at
5. number five is up to you.
6. we have an espresso machine, but no ponies.

You’ll probably learn more than you imagine, I think. Drop a note to Megan if you’re interested or if you know someone who is. Contact: Megan.