Transportation Day

Years ago, my grandmother would take my sisters and me on a day-long tour of New York’s transport system. We’d ride the bus, the subway, even the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

Here’s what my day was like:
I missed the express train into the city by less than ten seconds. Missed the shuttle to Times Square by twenty seconds. After my photo shoot, got lucky and caught the 1 train a minute after i got to the station. Unfortunately, it was going south and I wanted to go north. Got off at the next station, no tunnel to switch directions, so I had to leave the subway, cross the street and pay again to enter. Missed the northbound train by less than twenty seconds.

Destination: 79th Street.

Train gets stuck at 72nd, door won’t shut. I get out, run seven blocks in the rain. Step in a puddle up to my knee. Miss getting hit by a Lexus by about an inch. Got to my uptown meeting just in time, Leave my uptown meeting, see an empty cab in the pouring rain. As I go to open the door, a guy opens the door on the other side and steals my cab. I walk the seven blocks in the rain, no cabs. Got to the 72nd street station just in time to see the express train pull out.

Lucky for me, the Roosevelt Island Tram is broken.

This is apropos of nothing, of course, but I thought I’d get all cat blog on you and share my day.