This one I don’t get

Seen on a truck in Elmsford, NY.

Does the sign mean:

  1. If you get hit by a rock that my tire throws, don’t sue me (cause if it does, does the sign really work? Doesn’t his knowledge of the danger increase the chances of getting sued?) or
  2. If someone on the side of the road throws an object (what sort of object?) it’s not his fault?
  3. Don’t drive too close (if it meant that, why not just say, ‘don’t drive too close’?)

Is this a big problem for this particular truck or for all trucks?

The whole thing feels almost existential. Truckers, feel free to let me know.

[So, here’s what people think: Trucks are more likely than some vehicles to throw back items they run over (one reader was almost killed by a shovel). This driver works for a company that would rather fight than settle. So, the sign is a double warning–don’t drive close (to all trucks, not just this one) AND if you ignore the sign, don’t bother calling us. Oh. Actually, this isn’t true. See below.]

Mike Hapner knows the answer! The word that should be in italics is road.