Marketers and money

Money is the enemy of most entrepreneurs and marketers. Actually, that’s not true. The search for money, the need for money and the desire to spend the money you have are the enemy.

From movies (Superman vs. Syriana or WordPlay) to coffee (Maxwell House vs. Starbucks) to technology (Microsoft vs. a kid in a room in Germany) we see it over and over again.

First rule: great product development and marketing almost always comes from organizations that don’t have enough money. Having less money keeps you from trying to buy your way out of trouble.

Second rule: learning to live with less money means you will develop skills and resources instead of buying them. And it means that when you have less money (again), you’ll be prepared.

Third rule: When you need money for something specific, go get it. But just for that. With good terms. As soon as you spend money to protect your money or leverage your money or account for your money or send a message about your money, the money is not only wasted, it hurts you.