Plop plop fizz fizz… doubling sales

Alka Seltzer (made with baking soda) doubled their sales in just one day. How? By putting two "plops" into the commercial… before that, people only took one. It put Mary Wells on the map as a marketer.

Heinz did the same thing when a squeeze bottle replaced a glass bottle for ketchup.

The car radio and DVD player increased car mileage for families.

Laptop computers dramatically increased the time people spend doing work.

(The internet dramatically decreased it, so we’re even).

Comments (and commentful) double or triple the number of times some individuals visit individual blog posts.

20% of the people in Georgia drink Coca Cola for breakfast.

Sarbox tripled the amount of time accountants and lawyers spend with public companies.

And I’ll finish my list with another baking-soda-related remedy that doesn’t work either: Buying a box for your fridge.