I got a gift certificate for a massage… went to the spa/place to collect it, and the harried receptionist looked up at me and said, "Are you here for a haircut?"


Just about every organization has a receptionist. Sometimes, he or she is merely a guardian, a patrol designed to keep the riffraff in the lobby.

Other times, though, a receptionist can change the entire tone of an interaction. If you’ve got someone answering your phone, greeting your clients–who have traveled a thousand miles to visit your office–or otherwise dealing with the outside world, I think it’s time to do some simple cost/benefit analysis.

If the receptionist greets just 100 people a day, that’s 20,000 people a year. Is it worth a dollar per interaction to transform all of those interactions into something spectacular? In other words, instead of hiring the cheapest person, or sticking with the existing person because it’s easier, what if you invested in a truly remarkable experience?