21 years later

In 1985, I was already a Mac addict. I had beta tested the original Mac and had one of the very first desktop published newsletters (an internal rag at Spinnaker Software, where I worked). I once got into real trouble when the owner of a nearby restaurant called and yelled at me after I trashed his place in a review (I had a circulation of 45…)

One day, a buzz went through the office. We had a lot of cool visitors at Spinnaker (I think the Governor of Mass. came once) but this time it was a louder buzz. I heard from a fellow brand manager that Guy Kawasaki was in the office. Even then, probaby in his twenties, Guy had an aura around him. Not only that, but he had a check with him (we needed the cash).

When Guy’s blog came out a few months ago, it was an overnight success. Overnight? Hey, it took Guy, like it took me, twenty years of figuring it out. We still haven’t gotten it right, not even close, but now people get to watch. Here’s our interview… Guy Kawasaki: Ten Questions with Seth Godin. I especially like the part at the beginning about the t shirts.