Tiny Q&A Session

On Friday, September 8, I’m going to do a call-in Q&A session, beginning at 10 am New York time.

You can call in from anywhere in the world using a standard phone
line. I’ll probably visit some websites as we talk, but no technology
is required.

Attendance at the session is limited to 31 people, and I’ll stay on
the phone all day if I need to. Everyone is guaranteed a shot to

The goal is to give people a chance to ask specific questions
(about your organization, your site or your kewpie doll collection,
whatever). The session will be off the record, and no archive will be
available. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, but it promises
to be pretty interesting, useful and perhaps provocative (in a good

You don’t have to send me a fee to attend. Instead, sometime between today and August 23, you need to buy 11 copies of my new book
at Barnes & Noble. Not the online site, but a retail store. B&N
is doing a big promotion, and I want to repay the favor by sending a
few dozen heavy hitters to the store to buy copies for their teams. If
you don’t live near a store, call one and they’ll ship em.

I wrote this book as a way for my blog readers to share some of my
ideas with their non-blog-reading colleagues. This promotion is sort of
a way to jumpstart that.

Just email me if you’re
interested in buying the books and coming and I’ll send you my fax
number. First 31 people to fax over a receipt get a seat. If I get more
response, I’ll do a second session a week later.

[UPDATE: some readers have explained that the whole BN retail process is too logistically difficult. My goal in this promotion was to do something fun, not painful. So, if you find yourself stuck, feel free to us this link instead. Thanks to everyone for all that driving around…]