15 Ideas (the summary)

Griffin does a nice job of summarizing some of the big ideas in the Big Moo:

  1. Real security comes from growth ( Page xiv ) To me this is the best statement in the book and it’s right there in the preface.
  2. Wanting growth and attaining growth are two different things ( Preface xv ) – Companies usually end up paralyzed by trying to focus on how they’ll grow instead of actually growing.
  3. Those who fit in now won’t stand out later ( Page 5 ) – It’s difficult to change once you get into a rhythm of mediocrity.
  4. If you name something, you get power over it ( Page 18 ) – Ever try to change a bad nickname ? When a name catches on, it becomes very powerful.
  5. Don’t concentrate on making a standard. Once you create
    the standard, you’ve created a commodity and your customers will seek
    something like it, but cheaper
    ( Page 23 ) – *cough* Netscape *cough*
  6. Being efficient is not as good as being robust
    ( Page 52 ) – There’s such a thing as "good enough". Being flexible is
    better than trying to squeeze out a few extra performance cycles.
  7. You can’t predict the future ( Page 55 ) – …
  8. Everything is version .9, waiting for just one more upgrade before it’s done ( Page 86 ) – Releasing something stable, but not complete is better than waiting it’s "perfect".  It will never be perfect.
  9. Betting on change is always the safest bet ( Page 91 ) – You can’t constrain change.  People have scars from trying to.
  10. Creativity is made up of iteration and juxtaposition ( Page 95 ) – Mash things together enough times, and something interesting will happen.
  11. Compromise kills. Doing something half-ass is worse than doing nothing
    ( Page 97 ) – If you don’t have enough information to implement
    something, ignore it and move on. It’s better than trying to guess.
    Remember #7.
  12. Novelty for the sake of novelty is risky and a recipe for irrelevance ( Page 100 ) – Solve a problem. I’ve written about this …
  13. The energy isn’t in the idea, it’s in the execution
    ( Page 101 ) – Everyone wants to sit around and think up cool stuff.
    Sooner or later, you’re going to have to actually build something.
  14. A product is what the customer thinks it is ( Page 131 ) – How many times have you gotten pissed at a user of your software for "using it wrong" ?
  15. Don’t let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon ( Page 134 ) – The world is grey.  Every solution, product, feature is the result of several trade-offs.

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