Where are the tweakers?

If I want my car to go a bit faster, there’s a garage in town that will tweak it for me.

If I want my stereo to sound a little better, there’s a guy who will install cables and such and upgrade it.

There are more than a billion websites. Where are the tweakers?

Where are the talented individuals and small firms that want a closed-end engagement… not to completely redesign a site that’s working, not to do any coding, but just to mess with the html and css a bit.

To take their learning from many clients and figure out that this works better than that.

To change the look and the feel but not the bones… plastic surgery for websites. Not a lot of meetings, not a lot of belief required. Instead, take the new one, take the old one, do a split test and see which one converts better.

I figure if I’m looking for a tweaker, others are too. Send me a few details and I’ll post a short list.