Your pasta problem

Erik asks about Pasta Express

The Pasta Express tube cooker is the fastest, easiest way to cook pasta, vegetables and more. You’ll enjoy delicious pasta cooked to perfection every time…no pots, no stove, no mess. The Pasta Express is great for all kinds of pasta, vegetables and even hot dogs.


Actually, the Pasta Express is a plastic tube with a perforated top. You put boiling water into it (probably a tricky act), add some pasta and watch it turn into a gloppy mass as the water cools. Not only doesn’t it solve your pasta problem (what, you didn’t have a pasta problem?) but it makes bad pasta.

So, how does it sell?

It sells because the point of the commercial isn’t to sell you something that will help you make better pasta. The point of the commercial is to sell you something that you will enjoy buying.

More and more, we buy stuff where the point is the buying, not the stuff.