Lazy people in a hurry…

I just had an interesting email exchange with John, and we concluded that this is often the target market.

You’re busy trying to sell a service or a product or an idea to lazy people in a hurry.

Lazy, as in not willing to do the work to create long term benefits. Lazy as in not willing to read the instructions, follow the manual, do all the steps, invest the time in the research. Lazy as in willing to buy the first choice that’s ‘good enough’ as opposed to finding the best choice. These are people who will spend five minutes to find a parking space one minute closer to the mall.

And in a hurry.

In a hurry because they jump to conclusions, don’t read to the end, and most of all, most of the time, search for a shortcut.

Lazy, in a hurry and in search of better are often contradictory ideas. Doesn’t matter. We don’t have to like it, we just have to acknowledge it.

The great news is that in every market, there’s a subset of geeks and nerds that are neither lazy nor in a hurry. Start with them.