The last seminar of the year (we need you)

I’ll be doing one of my rare all-day seminars in New York City on December 12. Here are the details:

1. You can find the complete write up, directions, fee information and more right here.
2. You can skip that and go straight to registration here.
3. Or you can read this quick summary first:

Two or three times a year, I run a seminar in New York. They always sell out, they’re always filled with amazing people (that would be you) and they create a huge wave of energy for everyone who attends. People have come from as far away as South Africa and Korea, and a few folks have even come twice.

Since I don’t do any consulting, it’s your chance to get some insight on your particular issues. Even better, though, is the insight you get from seeing your peers working their way through their issues. Which is why I’m pretty picky about who comes and why all registrations are subject to approval.

If you can’t come, I hope you’ll forward the link to some people you think might enjoy it.

NB there are a handful or two of free seats for worthy non-profits (see the lens for details) and just one or two cheap seats for nascent entrepreneurs for who can’t scrape up the full fee. I don’t confirm these to the last minute, so please don’t count on one.

I don’t do this often, and I won’t promise miracles, but so far it’s been pretty fun. I hope you can come.