50,000 (twice)

This is a two-part thank you.

First off, The Big Moo hit a milestone this week. Because we’ve sold so many copies, the publisher has sent us an additional $50,000. This money, on behalf of the thirty three authors, is going directly to three charities that are changing the world: Room to Read, JDRF and the Acumen Fund. This will fund another scientist’s research, build most of a new school and library in Cambodia and help fund a new factory for malaria bednets in Tanzania. I want to thank each of the authors and especially you, for supporting the book.

Then, just two days later, Squidoo posted lens #50,000. To celebrate, we’re making an additional contribution to Oxfam, and we’re challenging you. Here’s the one day challenge: go build a holiday lens (about stuff, about life, about your site, about your blog) and have all the royalties earmarked for Room to Read. If every reader of this blog and every lensmaster on Squidoo builds just one lens today, we’ll create tens of thousands of lenses, each donating money every day to build new schools. It only takes a few minutes…

So, from deep down: thanks.