The flutes!

So I’m driving into New York City this morning and we notice that the car next to us is being driven by a guy who is playing the flute. It’s more of a recorder, actually, but flute-sized, without the big mouthpiece. Anyway, he’s driving while playing, using his knees to steer. In thirty years of driving, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite as ridiculous (or dangerous).

Then, an hour later, driving back north, we pass another car, driven by a different person, also playing the flute. A real flute, the silver kind. Also driving with his knees. At seventy miles an hour.

Hey, I know a trend when I see one. Consider yourself warned.


[PS this photo just came from Tony in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s beyond a movement now. It’s multi-state. (Click to see the details… safe for work)]

[PPS on Monday, Marti sent us this flute news… from 2003. It’s global]