The two sides

Scott points us to the latest from the happy go lucky lawyers at the MPAA: Podcasting News…Should Ripping Videos To iPod Be Illegal?.

It’s copyright vs. copywrong

Some big copywrong holders hate the digital technology that has made them so much money. They would like to charge you every time you listen to a song or watch a movie (like a theatre or a concert). They abhor the fact that one DVD might get seen at a Boy Scout meeting or end up on your iPod. Scratch a disk? Buy another. Upgrade to a new machine? Buy another. The more they can cripple the distribution of their product, the better they do, they think.

Others realize that ideas that spread are worth more. That the souvenir value of a popular idea is very high.

We’re going to see this fight 1,000 times until those in the spreading camp start to put up the serious numbers it will take to convert those that would build walls instead.