Your Name On Toast

The latest in the traffic pyramid pages, this time for charity: Your Name On Toast :: Your name, except on toast. I like the fact that Pete is donating all his profit to charity, and no, I’m not endorsing this one (or any of them), just pointing them out.

I think the success of the various pages (they need a name, don’t they–how about link promo pages) is that there’s a real need, almost a desperate need, for the 999,000 vibrant webpages that aren’t in the top 1,000 in traffic to find a way to get there. To get the word out.

As entrepreneurs figure out how to help websites to do that reliably, they can’t help but succeed.

[PS June 2007: Pete tells me that they’ve raised more than $8,000 and they’re about to give it all away to a charity selected by voters.]