The Tipping Point

Sanj sends us this quote:

Last weekend our family had a get together for my aunt and uncle’s 40th anniversary. Anyway, I brought my 360 with to play some games with my nephews. Turns out both of my nephews that showed up already had 360s, and one of them even brought theirs with, too. So we went downstairs to hook them up, when my uncle said "don’t bother, I already got my 360 hooked up to the big screen". I was floored. My uncle is 62 years old! Just then my other uncle (the 62 year olds brother) said "What? I didn’t know you had a 360! We could have been playing Gears of War coop!" Now I couldn’t believe my ears. Just then our family priest showed up at the door, he normally stops by for big events like this. Well, under his arm he had a 360. He had just bought it and didn’t want to leave it out in the cold. All of us who were just talking about 360 were shocked and we all just started laughing, including our priest.

While we were laughing we heard a big sound, like boxes falling over. My aunt had opened a closet where no fewer than two dozen Xbox 360s tumbled out all over the floor. She looked embarrased, then explained she had bought them for all the memebers of her bridge club. They were tired of playing bridge and heard about how you could play Uno online with 360. She was worried my uncle would be mad for spending so much money. Luckily he wasn’t mad at all, he said ‘No way, I love Xbox 360!’. Then we all laughed for a good half hour.

Yeah, I’d say 360 is really picking up some steam.

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[PS, added a few hours later for my irony-disabled readers: the above is an over-the-top bit of hyperbole, a fake, a scam, a joke, a riff on florid marketing prose.]