Hard to say goodbye

Why should leaving a marketer be any harder than joining one?

Justin points us to: Just Cancel the @#%$* Account!.

Surely the CFO will argue that if you can create impediments to quitting your service, short term profits will increase. She might even argue that investing in staff to make it easier to quit is money wasted.

I think the opposite is clearly true.

The number one reason consumers don’t sign up for your free trial is that they don’t believe that it’s really free, and that they are sure that once the trial is over you’ll figure out some way to harrass them, steal from them or otherwise make them sorry they trusted you.

So turn that on its head. Make it easier to quit, not harder. Word will spread. Trials will go up. (Anyone interested in trying something from AOL? I didn’t think so.) And more trials from more trusting people can’t help but lead to more profits. Which will make your CFO happy.