Hard Work

Inspired by this post, three years ago:

One Or and the other
Getting an MBA Keeping your promises
Being board certified Looking patients in the eye
Policies Judgment
Buying an expensive front loader Giving renovation clients an honest estimate
Having a fancy building Hiring a nice receptionist
Putting a new logo on the planes Cleaning the peanut butter off the seat tray
Spending $100 million on special effects Leaving the ads off the non-skippable coming attractions on the DVD
Having a new POS computer Waiving the late fee because of a snowstorm
Offering the lowest rate for a cell phone Not tricking customers with a bait and switch
Hiring expensive executives Firing the ones that don’t grow and change
Moving the call center overseas Answering the phone after one ring
Using a state-of-the-art chipset Designing the device so it is easy to use
Hiring a brilliant tax lawyer Doing your books in a way that’s transparent to employees and investors
Making a lot of money Donating a lot of money (quietly)
Putting on a conference Taking a risk and making the conference interesting
Making the world’s best chocolate Charging way more than the competition
Having a custom WordPress blog with bells and whistles Writing stuff people want to read
Having contrary opinions Expressing them with kindness, respect and attribution
Making it to the top of the heap Listening to the people on their way up
Sucking up to the boss Respecting the doorman
Designing a six page spreadsheet for strategic analysis Having the guts to cancel the product or shut the division
Having a great idea Sticking your neck out