Legions of the Clueless

I heard from a disappointed reader today, wondering why I bother. He said that I don’t say anything new, that it’s obvious, that everyone already gets this stuff.

Then David sent me this note from Northwest. When you click through to take advantage of their invitation, of course it leads you to a totally blank form… so much for being a valued customer. And then I hear about Prudential. Apparently, they’ve just agreed to pay $100,000,000 for the naming rights to the new hockey arena in Newark.

Huh? $5 million a year for the name of a hockey arena?

The problem with marketing isn’t that there isn’t enough money to spend. The problem is that the people who are spending it are sometimes lazy, selfish, committee-centric, confused or scared. They know better. Of course they do. They just need to be reminded sometimes.