Online Activism

Part 1: Micah sends us to this report, just out a few moments ago: Pew: 14 Million Online Political Activists in U.S. Today | Personal Democracy Forum.

23% of campaign internet users has either posted their own political
commentary to the web via a blog, site or newsgroup (8%); forwarded or
posted someone else’s commentary (13%); created political audio or
video (1%); forwarded someone else’s audio or video (8%). "That
translates into about 14 million people who were using the ‘read-write
Web’ to contribute to political discussion and activity," the study’s
authors Lee Rainie and John Horrigan write.

Part 2: Jill is inviting a few dozen non profits to a non-profit only seminar I’m doing in February. We’ve already got confirmed reservations from 5 of the top 30 orgs in the US, including executive directors from a couple of them. If you’d like to be considered, please drop Jill a note and tell her why.