The sock puppet

Many moons ago, a video I wrote and produced was nominated for an American Film Institute Award. I flew out to LA, wore a tux, the whole thing. I knew I was in trouble when I discovered that Cathy Rigby and Gary Coleman were the hosts for the evening. My video lost, defeated by Shari Lewis and Lambchop (hey, even Kukla, Fran and Ollie would have been better). Ever since then, I’ve been awfully wary of the whole prize thing.

Go figure: last night the SXSW conference awarded Corey and Gil the award for best community site (Squidoo). And yesterday, Small is the New Big made the shortlist for the Blooker Prize. Even a quick look at the nominees makes it clear that I have no chance of winning, but it is pretty cool to be listed. And no, I’m not renting a tux, and you can leave your sock puppets at home.