Politics is flat

On Friday May 18 in NY, Micah and Andrew are running a conference that just might be one of those seminal events that everyone remembers attending years later… even if they didn’t. Like the Fast Company Advance in 1997, or the AOL partner event in 1996. Check it out: Personal Democracy Forum – Technology Is Changing Politics.

Some speakers: Tom Friedman, Arianna Huffington, Jay Rosen, Kim Malone, Robert Scoble, Jeff Jarvis,
Cheryl Contee, Eli Pariser, Sara Horowitz, Josh Marshall, Ruby
Sinreich, Craig Newmark, Joe Trippi, Becki Donatelli, Andrew Keen,
Ellen Miller, Chris Rabb, David All, Todd Ziegler, Allison Fine, Clay
Shirky, Liza Sabater, Brian Dear, Ben Rattray, Seth Godin, Steve Urquhart, Mindy
Finn, Mike Turk, Zack Exley, Walter Fields and Robert Greenwald.

Hope to see you there.