When Purple Cows go Mad

I’ve been a fan of Archie McPhee for years. They have a long history of creating remarkable products. Goofy stuff that’s actually worth talking about.

Well, I get a lot of stuff in the mail, and most of it doesn’t end up getting posted here. Especially the horrible stuff. But this time, in the pursuit of making a buck, McPhee has gone too far.

The Cap’n Danger Stunt Monkey baby chute seems like a fun idea. If you’re only going to throw an infant five or six feet, it’s probably perfectly safe. But how is the company going to avoid the idiotic user that wants to throw his kid from 15 or even 30 feet up?

It’s easier than ever to tell a powerful story, a story that people want to hear. And when you believe in your product, that power is important. But this is just stupid. If they had a product for parrots (or even better, goldfish) then perhaps they could argue that it’s just harmless fun. But this is serious stuff.

Let’s hope they wise up and cancel the product before someone gets hurt. Happy April.