Letters, brochures and email

If you’ve ever written a direct mail letter, you’ve probably agonized. "One more sentence," you wonder, "this might just be the one." After all, direct mail has a job to do… you send the letter and you get the sale (or you don’t.) Making it longer and more powerful and more complete are all essential tasks.

Brochures are a bit different. Brochures rarely lead to a sale. They lead to a sales call. So a brochure has to be engaging and hopefully viral. But its only job is to keep you in the running, not end in a transaction.

Email (sent with permission) has a different function. Its job is to get a response. To move a conversation forward, to help you learn a little bit about the person you’re engaging with.

If your emails read like direct mail letters or look like brochures, you’re wasting time and effort.