Push and pull

I can’t use internal wikis. "It’s on the wiki" is a dumb thing to say to me.

TV networks know how to put on one show at a time, in order, and broadcast it to whomever is tuning in.

These are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes we push information (like spam email, to pick a horrendous example, or the typical vapid fill-in-the-blank PR pitch to bloggers) and sometimes we wait for it to get pulled (like a blog or a wiki).

RSS transforms blogs from pull to push. The web transforms TV from push to pull.

[RSS is push because once you sign up for my blog, for example, each post is pushed to you. It starts as pull–you have to sign up–but then it no longer requires you to go hunt for it each day].

This isn’t trivial. It changes everything about the way you market what you market. I’d spend some time thinking about whether you push or pull, about whether you can flip that, and about whether your posture matches your message.