I just found out I need glasses. This is a traumatic moment for someone who never before fretted about aging. It’s one of the parts of my body that I could always depend on, and then boom, no more.

As I stood in the store looking at the racks and racks of glasses (90% profit margins!) I understood why this business is so lucrative. As Jerry Seinfeld has pointed out, for no good reason, folks treat people with glasses as if they’re smarter (and they treat people with hearing aids as if they’re dumb…).  It’s stupid but it’s true.

Glasses let you change your brand if you want to. Most glasses just fit in, but some stand out. A hard decision. The hardest since I shaved my head.

If you’ve got a perfect frame in mind for Seth2.0, send a link over by email. [I got a lot of responses. A ton. Stay tuned for the winners… and thanks.] How vain is that? Letting your readers pick out your new facelogo…