Great job for the right person

Yasmina at Acumen needs help, and it just might be the most important job you ever do.

Acumen Fund is hiring for a new associate who can work with them on community building, new media, and communications… this individual would join the Portfolio Strategies team which focuses on sharing knowledge and influencing how the world tackles poverty. The associate would be primarily responsible for using the internet, video, and a range of tools available for building community to share what Acumen Fund is learning about effective ways to bring critical goods and services to people living in the developing word who make less than $3 per day.  Acumen Fund wants to engage a wide range of communities in our work, and will reach out to those that care about social entrepreneurship, strategic philanthropy, and solving the problem of global poverty.

Experience building on-line communities or working in communications, media, or video would certainly be beneficial in the role; however we are also looking for someone who is a self-starter and eager to learn new skills and bring their creativity to the work.

Acumen is the single best organization I have ever worked with. The smartest, most focused, kindest people doing the most important work I can think of. I don’t run posts like this often, because, after all, it’s not a job board… but this is the real deal.