Meatball Mondae, again… this time it’s about the wealthy

Rich people used to all be the same,
just different from the rest of us. Now they’re not only different from
the rest of us, but different from each other.
Rich people used
to do similar jobs, wear similar clothes, live in similar
neighborhoods, and read similar magazines. As a result, marketing to
rich people was pretty easy. No longer. As the gulf between rich and
poor continues to widen, the number of people considered rich increases
daily, and the diversity of the rich increases as well.

[By rich, I mean people with enough money to buy what you sell].

It turns
out that not only are the wealthy like us, they are us. Despite the
widening gulf between rich and poor, there are more wealthy people than ever before. In fact,
you’re probably one of them. Michael Silverstein and Neil Fiske of BCG
talked about this in their book Trading Up, and the trend has only
become more pervasive.

That means there are rich NASCAR fans,
rich porn stars, rich entrepreneurs in Kenya and rich teenagers. Every
silo is discovering it can create a top tier.

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