The Seth Godin Boxed Set

I’ve been playing with this idea for about eight months and it’s just about ready. I’m really pleased at the finished product.

I’ve never offered a video or a training product, despite the fact that I get asked about it a lot. I figured (pre-glasses) that it was time to give it a try.

These DVD products usually run about 45 minutes and sell for $900 to a thousand dollars. I thought I’d try something a little different. In addition to my seminar, I wanted to add some other elements that make it more interesting and useful to a wider audience.

I’m producing a four DVD set.

The first DVD includes a full speech I did in Denver in March, along with an hour-long interview with Charlie Rose. The next three DVDs include six hours of informal Q&A from a seminar I did this fall. Eight hours of me (heaven forfend!) and the price is $800. $100 an hour, more if you nap.

I’m going into production now and I realize that I have no idea how many to make. So, here’s the deal:

If you’re interested in buying a set for your company, click here and drop me an email. I won’t bill you or even make you promise you’ll actually cough up the money. But I will add you to a list and alert you when it’s ready, and I’ll use your note to guesstimate the interest. I’ll keep the email lines open for two weeks and then let everyone who responded know what’s up. All I need is your contact info… it’s not for correspondence, please.

You get the rights to watch the thing as often as you like, and to show it to groups as large as 30. It’s pretty clear I can’t visit as many places as I’d like in order to give my seminar, so this is a chance to go places without flying. Not included are the rights to do large group presentations or to post it on a public or private server. Unfortunately, it’s not an erasable DVD, so you can’t delete me and put Seinfeld on instead.

Anyway, let me know if you want me to plan on making a set for you. Thanks.