The dark side

Snapnames informs me that the most competitive domain name up for auction this week is

Think about that one for a bit.

So much effort is going to be spent building this business. Money and time invested in design and promotion and, possibly, hypnosis. Why? To trick people.

I’m amazed every single day at the lengths some people will go to in order to run scams online. It’s so much more work to create a spam site or a deceptive come on, so much more work to deal with the angry customers and be hiding from them…

I can imagine it becomes a habit. Once you start cutting corners and playing a selfish game to see how far you can bend (or break) the rules, it must be hard to stop. It’s all relative, and what they’re doing must seem relatively benign compared to someone else. Of course, there’s always someone more crooked, always someone more selfish…

In my favorite hotel’s kitchen, there’s a big sign on the way out to the dining room:

"If you’re not proud of it, don’t serve it."