The Pope is coming

Whether you run a hotel or a retail store or a parts supply store, things change when you find out the Pope is coming for a visit.

The fresh flowers get delivered, the beds are made a little tighter and your best staff are waiting out front. Everything is a little bit cleaner and shinier. Maybe, a few staff bring in their kids to sing a song or two.

The thing is, everyone enjoys this extra work. It’s fun to stretch a bit. It doesn’t feel quite as much like work when you’re doing something special.

You probably guessed the punchline: The Pope isn’t coming to your place of business this trip. He won’t be reading your blog or calling your customer service line either. Sorry for the confusion. Go ahead and rent out that room or give away that table you were saving.

But since it’s so much fun, why not do it for someone who isn’t the Pope? Like your next customer?