A chance to be on the cover of my new book

It’s about you, after all.

If you’d like to be on the cover–at least in a teeny tiny little section of it– (no promises, none at all–the cutting room floor is bigger than the cover), send a photo of yourself (headshots are best) to me [sorry, you missed the deadline]. If you’re lucky, you’ll join a thousand other handsome folks immortalized in print.  It could even get you on the Dick Cavett show. Here’s your chance to be slightly famous.

It will only be read by a computer, so please don’t send me any details or notes (I’ll be looking at all of them, though, so rest assured that there’s a real person at the other end). Of course, your email address won’t be re-used in any way. The book is out in October and I’m not talking about it, not one bit, for months. But lead times are long, so here you go. Deadline is May 31. [We’ve reached the deadline. Thanks to all of you who responded! It really is an amazing collection. Sorry if you didn’t make the cut this time.]

I hope you’ll give it a shot. Have a great weekend.