One swell foop

It’s not very often you hear people use the word "fell" without the obligatory "swoop", but the combination is common enough that we all know what it means.

Except it rarely happens.

We expect that a big marketing campaign can fix our market share problems in one fell swoop.

Or that a consultant can reorganize our operation and get it working again in one fell swoop.

Or that a new product launch is only a swoop away from setting things right.

Of course, that’s not what happens. It’s more like 35 semi-fell swoops that do the trick. And deep down, we realize that.

But, now that we’ve said it out loud, now that you acknowledge that you’re going to need 35 web visits or permission-based emails or 35 different conference appearances or 35 blog posts or whatever, drip, drip, drip… if you know that you need 35, not one, how would write/appear/act differently?

A foop is different than a bang.