Joining the luck parade

Some businesses seem to be really lucky. Some careers, too.

They have good things happen, things that push them along, that change the game in a positive way.

If you think about parades, one thing that’s clear is that marching bands get invited to parades a lot more often than chiropractors do.

Bear with me for a second.

If your goal is to be invited to a parade, it sure helps to be in a marching band. Your chiropractic firm might, just might, be invited to be the grand marshal or something, but in general, it helps to be in a parade-friendly line of work.

Well, just like parades for July 4th or Flag Day, there’s a luck parade. And some organizations are just better suited for this opportunity than others. If your business plan includes the phrase, "and then we luck out," or "and then we become fashionable" or "and then the market embraces this idea," I sure hope you’re organized for that.

There used to be a luck parade in Hollywood, but then too many people showed up and the odds plummeted. A few years ago, there was a luck parade in Silicon Valley, because Sand Hill Road was so eager to hand out venture funding. Today, good fortune seems to be smiling on quirky visions and those willing to self-publish.

Luck isn’t predictable, but it tends to come in packs.