Let me see

Mark Brooks had a Kindle idea which got me thinking:

  1. Let me see the percentage of people who have bought a book and actually finished reading it. (The Kindle knows, right?) Even better, let me see Kindle books that are finished by people who finish books that I finish!
  2. Let me see a map of my town with the location of pedestrian accidents highlighted by color.
  3. Give me a listing of all the houses in my city sorted by (value of house/taxes paid). That would go a long way to bringing equity to the assessment system.
  4. Sort restaurants on Open Table by the percentage of reservations booked by returning diners.
  5. Sort Facebook invitations in order of how many times someone has been unfriended.
  6. Sort credit card offers based on data from Mint or Wesabe… show me the credit cards with the fewest bankruptcies/financial troubles among recipients first.
  7. Sort corporate email by how many people in my company have indicated that a sender is important.
  8. Let me see stocks ranked in order of recent purchases by successful investors.
  9. Let me review bids from builders ranked in order of complaints filed or the length of time between first application for a building permit and finished building.
  10. Let me see potential online dates sorted by how frequently (or infrequently) the person goes on first dates.
  11. Sort car models by crash and repair data.
  12. Let me see my salesforce ranked by closing rate or cold call rate or customer satisfaction.
  13. Let me see my inbound call data by hour, sorted by number of rings before answer, or by percentage of calls unanswered.
  14. Let me sort my customer service requests by customer value. (Including loyalty, purchases and referrals).
  15. Let me choose a doctor by malpractice suit rate.
  16. When I watch TV online, recognize the pundit and flash historical accuracy rates on the screen while she talks.
  17. Blank out comments on posts that agree with my point of view.
  18. Highlight the floor of the trade show and let me see which paths are walked the most. Or give me glasses that let me follow in the footsteps of people I admire. Or let me walk on paths no one else is walking on.

I guess I’m talking about passive contributions of public behavior information to traditionally-sorted data.